5 / 5
erfect Players Theatre performance – Sun 6 Nov 2016 – by GoodNumber
Music Hall (and Variety) is great entertainment for everybody (although I should think the average age of the audience at the Charing Cross Theatre on Sunday 6 Nov 2pm was eighty!)….but we still know how to have a good time. With an orchestra of 12 consisting of 1 pianist and 11 absentees), 8 ‘turns’ – a conjourer, singers of songs which we could join in, a convivial chairman and a full house…a perfect two hours of fun. You don’t have to be an habituee to enjoy Music Hall – I saw one or two sons of habituees
Favourite moment: Peter John (as a slightly fey Frankenstein Monster).

5 / 5
Great Entertainment! – Sun 6 Nov 2016 – by Marie10
Brilliant show in the time honoured Music Hall tradition. Marvellous acts – singing – dancing – a magician – and hilarious monologues that had everyone in stitches. Song sheets handed out to us on the way in were almost superfluous as 99% of the audience knew every word anyway! Glad to see a nice mix of young and not so young performers sharing the stage.
A perfect way to spend a Sunday – long may the Players continue to delight with cheeky but not rude performances. We’ll be back for the next show!!!
Favourite moment: The monologues performed by Peter John – tremendous fun!

5 / 5
Still going strong – Sun 3 Jul 2016 – by Jackspoint
Great trip down memory lane at the Players Theatre (now Charing Cross). The next generation of performers keeping the music alive.

5 / 5
Fabulous evening’s entertainment
– Sun 17 Apr 2016 – by Richmal
Thus is old fashioned Music Hall at its best. The acts were good, but the reason the whole evening was such fun was the audience participation. All the old favourites, like “What do you think of it so far? Rubbish!” were used, the chairman made some wonderful cheesy jokes – like the oldest member wasn’t there, because she was Ill- oops, sorry, she’s ill. It’s cheeky, but not filthy, and really good fun. Singing along with the so familiar songs is also enjoyable and the atmosphere was great. We took a first time visitor,who says it certainly won’t be her last visit.
The only downside is that the audience is aging,and a time when we’re all to old to go and enjoy ourselves will surely come. Advertise more widely, it’s well worth the very reasonable entrance fee.Foreign visitors love it!
Favourite moment: The juggler balancing three revolving separate things, wooden blocks, a ladle and full wine glass! Jaw dropping stuff!

5 / 5
Booked this as a birthday present for my husband, took along my sister, brother and partners. It’s a real The Good Old Days experience, without the dressing up. A lovely small theatre with good clean fun acts, singing, dancing and daft jokes for those of us over a certain age. Would highly recommend keeping an eye out for the next show as they tend to do them twice a year. They do a good old fashioned raffle and I won a hamper and brother in law won tickets to the next show yay!
Favourite moment: Winning a hamper in the raffle!